Local Hiking Trails

This chart represents just a handful of our many trails. These trails are good for visitors. On all of these trails you must be aware of wildlife, moose, black and brown bears. Bring your camera and binoculars. For more serious climbers books and maps are available in the Soldotna Visitor Center. Nobody should hike unprepared. Water is NOT available along most trails and good hiking shoes are recommended.

EASY TO MODERATE TRAILS Length (one-way) Hiking Time (round trip) Elevation Trailhead
Egumen Lake 0.3 miles 45 minutes None Sterling Hwy, M 70.4
Hidden Creek 1.3 miles 2 hours 300 feet Skilak Lake Rd, M 5.4
Lower Kenai River 2.3 miles 2-4 hours 250 feet Skilak Lake Rd, M 3.0
Upper Kenai River 2.8 miles 3-5 hours 260 feet Skilak Lake Rd, M 2.2
Seven Lakes 4.4 miles 4-6 hours 150 feet Skilak Lake Rd, M 10.3, Sterling Hwy M 68.1
Burney’s Trail 0.6 miles 1 hour 200 feet Hidden Lake Campground
Crescent Creek Trail 6.5 miles 6-7 hours 1,300 feet Sterling Hwy, M 45 Quartz Creek Road
Russian Falls Trail 2.6 miles 3-4 hours 400 feet Sterling Hwy, M 52 Russian River Campground
Tsalteshi Trail System 0.5-8 miles Varies Varies Sterling Hwy, M 98 Skyview High School
Bear Mountain 0.8 miles 2 hours 400 feet Skilak Lake Road, M 6.9
Skilak Lookout 2.0 miles 3-4 hours 700 feet Skilak Lake Road, M 6.3
Fuller Lakes 2.9 miles 4-6 hours 1,400 feet Sterling Hwy, M 56.9
Skyline 1.0 miles 3-5 hours 1,800 feet Sterling Hwy, M 61.6