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SHOP Local

The Soldotna Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the City of Soldotna is excited to host the Shop Local program again this year. Start saving your receipts for discretionary items and services bought within Soldotna City Limits, more details coming soon! Remember, only apply once per household to spread the love. Thank you for shopping local. 

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How It Works

Support Soldotna businesses by shopping and spending $200 (or more) on discretionary items.
Discretionary purchases in this program include, but are not limited to: Clothing, furniture, tools, sporting goods, art, jewelry, massage, haircuts, restaurants, cafes, bars & distilleries, museums, books, flowers, & collectibles.

Non-Discretionary purchases are not eligible under this program, and include, but are not limited to: Groceries, fuel, utilities, auto parts, mortgage or rent, firewood, medical bills, or prescriptions.

How To Enter

• Customers submit up to 10 receipts totaling at least $200 via by bringing them into the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce. Receipts can be made up of any amount. (Alternatively, receipts can be hand-delivered to the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce at 44790 Sterling Hwy., Soldotna)
• Submitted receipts MUST BE FROM a business located within the City Limits of Soldotna. Check here for a map of the Soldotna City Limits.

•Receipts must be readable and itemized. Online receipts from local retailers must be printed off. No bank statements will be accepted. The date, name of the business, and the full total must be included. Receipts must be dated between November 1, 2021 – December 15, 2021. Nov. 15th is the first day to submit receipts online or in person. If you need a copy of your receipt(s), please make prior arrangements before turning the receipts in as we will be keeping all receipts turned in with the application for our records.
• Taxes, tips, delivery fees, and shipping are not eligible for the purchase total.
• After uploading receipts, participants choose one business that they would like to receive one $100 shopping voucher from by selecting it from an available list.
• Voucher may be picked up in person at the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce, or if requested, it will be mailed to the address provided within three business days of receiving their submission. Note: USPS implemented new service standards for First-Class Mail Oct. 1st which may affect mail delivery times.

Frequently Asked Questions

November 1st was the first day one could begin collecting receipts. Monday, Nov. 15th is the first day to turn in receipts and the launch of the program, including the list of the voucher merchants being made public.

No, you can shop at any businesses that are located within the City Limits of Soldotna on discretionary items to help you get to a minimum total of $200 spent locally. The Voucher List is where you choose to spend your $100 voucher at.

To uphold the spirit of the program, receipts from the purchase of gift cards to stores that primarily sell non-discretionary goods or are national chains are not eligible. However, if a gift card or gift certificate was purchased at a local business where the majority of what that business sells is considered discretionary, then that gift card would be eligible. For example, if you were to buy a gift card at St. Elias Brewing Company or from Sweeney’s, then that would be allowed. Businesses must be located within the Soldotna City Limits to have receipts eligible. Visa or Mastercard gift cards are not allowed.

It is up to the individual voucher locations as to whether or not they will honor the voucher to be used on a gift card or gift certificate. Please inquire with the business.

We are sorry, but once a voucher is written to a local merchant, that merchant has been paid, so, therefore, we will not be able to reissue a new voucher. So choose carefully and thoughtfully. Thank you for understanding.

Yes, we will accept online receipts from local businesses within the City Limits of Soldotna as long as the following can be seen on the receipt: date, name of the business, and the full purchase total.

We will accept screenshots of receipts as long as the receipt shows the date, name of the business, and the full purchase total. Screenshots and online receipts may be uploaded to the online form or you may print them off and bring them into the chamber office if you are applying in person.

We are sorry that no, we are unable to accept bank statements as we are not able to identify itemized purchases with their total purchase amount.

To reach as many families as possible, each household may only enter the program once.

Yes, as long as it is once for your household and your receipts are from businesses located within the City Limits of Soldotna on discretionary purchases. We do not limit where shoppers live. You can even be visiting the state! 

For general questions about the program, please email [email protected] or give us a call at 907-262-9814.