Fish Species

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King Salmon (Chinook)

Blue-gray back with silvery sides. Small irregular shaped black spots on back, dorsal fin, and usually on both lobes of the tail.

Black mouth with black gums at base of teeth on lower jaw.

Spawning King salmon adults lose their silvery bright color and take on a maroon to olive brown color.

Coho (Silver) Salmon

Greenish-blue back with silvery sides. Small black spots on the back, dorsal fin, and usually on upper lobe of tail only.

Black mouth with white gums at the base of teeth on the lower jaw.

Spawning coho salmon adults develop greenish-black heads and dark brown to maroon bodies.

Sockeye (Red) Salmon

Dark blue-black back with silvery sides. No distinct spots on back, dorsal fin or tail.

Spawning sockeye salmon adults develop dull green-colored heads and brick red to scarlet bodies

Pink Salmon (Humpies)

Very large spots on the back and large black oval blotches on both tail lobes. Very small scales.

Spawning pink salmon adults take on a dull gray coloration on the back and upper sides with a creamy white color below. Males develop a pronounced hump.

Chum (Dog) Salmon

Dull gray back with yellowish-silver sides. No distinct spots on the back or tail. A large eye pupil covers nearly the entire eye.

Spawning Chum Salmon adults develop olive green coloration on the back with maroon sides covered with irregular dull red bars. Males exhibit many large canine-like teeth.