Serving air-fried foods incased in a waffle batter and cooked to resemble a corn dog, but it’s a waffle on a stick. You can choose from: Jalapeño cheddar Better Chedder Smoked Brat All Beef Hotdogs Breaded Chicken Thighs Breakfast Sausage Our Air Fried sides include: Waffle fries Sweet potato waffle fries Dill pickle chips Also custom Soda Drinks, we carry Coca-Cola products and many flavored syrups to mix with. We also have alert energy drinks we call UMPII (umm-bee) to make mixed energy drinks with. We stock monster energy drinks that we can also add syrup flavors to and Body Armor. We are trying some fun popsicles with some of our soda-flavored mixes like 1776, Key Lime Pie, The Olaf, and Fairy Dust!