After 30 years of teaching, Dan and Denise Carey decided they weren’t quite ready for the rocking chair, so they decided to start Funny River Peonies. The farm was started from the ground up, by clearing two acres of Alaskan wilderness in 2017. Since then, the Careys have worked tirelessly to enhance the soil, shape the peony beds and plant & care for the exceptional peonies that they offer today. Funny River Peonies boasts 14 varieties of peonies in a wide array of colors. The 18-19 hours of sunlight their peonies receive in the summer, allows their blooms to be bigger and more vibrant than peonies from the lower 48 states. Once the peonies emerge from the ground in the spring, they often grow an inch a day! The stems are cut in the bud stage and stored in walk-in coolers for up to 6 weeks. The peony stems are available from mid-July through mid-August. The Careys sell their peonies through in-person farm sales (drop-ins, Open House and U-Pick events), weekly subscriptions, mail orders through their website and some Farmer’s market events. Funny River Peonies is located at Mile 14.8 on Funny River Rd. Visitors are always welcome!