Since 1994, Klauder & Company Architects have based every decision on simple values; guiding principles which inform every decision we make. Adhering to this approach has consistently served the firm and our clients well.

At Klauder & Company Architects we believe conducting business is a honorable pursuit.  We strive to always deliver “something extra” for our clients–a value above that which is required by contractual agreements.  Our goal is to exceed expectations and provide a consistently high quality product. This is the basis of our business relationship with the world: our means of self-promotion, the reason we have thrived, and why we are privileged to serve so many repeat customers.



Our relationship with our client is the key to a successful project. The better we get to know you and your organization—your daily operations and future goals—the better job we can do. Our success in design is demonstrated in the professional and personal relationships we have developed with multiple repeat clients over the years.

Ultimately, the final product belongs to you, the client, and it is our job to realize your vision and goals. As a result, excellent communication is the cornerstone of our design practice. Our ability to communicate with our clients, design team consultants, building officials, and building contractors and sub-contractors is essential for a successful project. We start by showing respect to each and every member of this extended team. We understand that communication begins with listening. Over the years we have learned to reflect on the information that our clients share and to ask questions that get to the heart of the essential issues that we need to understand in order to deliver a building design that meets your aspirations and needs.


During our design process, we continually search for creative, efficient solutions to your needs. We utilize all the resources at our disposal to devise innovative ways to marry your vision, wants, needs and constraints, and combine these sometimes divergent factors into a synergistic whole.


Simply put, we love what we do. This passion drives our work and means that we strive to deliver our best results in every single one of our projects.