Strategic Planning

Working collaboratively we help organizations develop their strategic vision. Where are you today? What is next? How do you get there? How do you execute the plan?

Community Outreach

We work with our clients to develop a community outreach plan that is specific to the company’s needs. The outreach plan can incorporate action at the local, state, national and international levels. It includes a list of local contacts, community events, suggested advertising, supporting brochures and specific community information.

Government Relations

We are successful in working with government at all levels. Past work ranges from arranging meetings, providing in depth analysis of issues, preparing grants, to getting legislation enacted and securing appropriations.  We develop customized programs specific to our client’s needs.

Crisis Response Planning and Implementation

We are experienced in all aspects of crisis response, from pre-crisis planning to the on-the-spot implementation. We work to ensure our clients are prepared to respond proactively in the event of a crisis. We serve on the front-lines of crisis communication on behalf of clients who need assistance with media relations.

We are ready to assist with audience and issue analysis, community meeting planning, policy development of risk and crisis communications, as well as social responsibility programs. We also prepare reader-friendly communication materials for culturally diverse audiences.

Risk Communication and Crisis Media Training

Our specialty is customized training on the principles and practice of risk and crisis communications. Our training programs include real-life case studies, hands-on practice, videotaping of participants, and discussions of risk perception, community outrage and outreach strategies.  We offer courses in Risk and Crisis Communication, First Contact Communication and Media Training.  Each training is customized to fit our client’s specific communication needs.